14 Meditations   2011-2010

Memory exists in successions of confrontations with the past. These sculptures are enclosed by the Archaeological Museum of Istambul. I used the space of the museum as an enormous darkroom where the camera enables the emergence of an image linked to flashes of memory. Bodies and faces from another time stroll through man’s generations, they close that condensing moment of time that sets the marble into motion. The images survive, the past stretches wandering between the then and the now. Forms struggle to make themselves visible or give up their visibility to submerge into the night, like in those quick stages of change in nature in which vagueness prompts maximum strength at the same time invoking human frailty. I was under the spell of a compulsion to repeat, to reduplicate the melancholic tone of the marbles in images that are no longer something immobile.

Arquivo Fotográfico de Lisboa, 2013