landscape variations  2011

The longest routes we take in life, they are part of our process of humanization. We are experiencing the surplus of the world and this experience implies to share with others the things we see when we do not take the shortest routes. There is something in the look which favours the moving of the body between objects, which favours the passing to an indeterminate condition, to be overcome by that which surrounds him, carrying it to a poetical state from which it will take and reorder the impressions that have been engraved in its body. It is like this that the self will always feel as a dispossessed of its certainties. There is a constant feeling of loss in the look since that which surrounds it is a wide and unquiet field, run through several forces and centres of surprise. The look is a predator searching for something but always finding in that something an indetermination that makes it look for something else which was not looking for in the first place. In the end the look inhabits the nucleus which indeterminates it and which makes it a magnetic field by excellence. Maybe it is these gap and indetermination conferring reality to appearances, which gives it an inside. We search something with the look and, inadvertently, the look is surprised by the passage to another initially not expected level which gives way to a palimpsest of senses, the revelation of something unexpected.